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All Wise Ambulance Seats Will Accept ProTek or Weldon Awareness Sensor Systems

Current Version No Longer Available - Design Change Pending

The ProTek Passenger Awareness System for ambulances is designed to enhance the safety of Emergency Medical Technicians in the rear

compartment of an ambulance.  The system provides information to both drivers and administrators concerning the seated positions and secured status of the passengers at any time.  The system has the ability to record the data in the event of an accident, and for training purposes when used in conjunction with the Road Safety SafeForce™ System.


By Utilizing state of the art sensing technology, the ProTek Passenger Awareness System first determines the location of the seated passenger and alerts the driver accordingly.  The System them indicates whether or not the passengers are secured in a safety restraint through a small visual display panel.  Passengers can also be made aware of "seated" and "secured" status via audio signal.


The System requires compatible restraints such as the ProTek Advanced Restraint System.

XP9474        ProTek Sensor w/ 36" Wire Lead

MM9479      Switch Plate

WM2066      ProTek Awareness System Kit

The Occupant Restraint Indicator module works in conjunction with the 6444 Series Vehicle Data Recorder to indicate passenger location and safety equipment status to the driver per NFPA 1901 requirements.  The 6204 indicator includes audible and visual warning of unsafe occupant conditions.  The Occupant Restraint Indicator works with your vehicle's V-MUX multiplexing system utilizing the Vista display.


The ORI offers real time feedback on seat driver status so a driver can visually see when their passengers are seated and buckled.

  • Display seat status in red, green

  • Beep when there is a violation

  • Display is dimmable for night time use

  • Output for additional buzzer or warning indicator


The Vehicle Data Recorder collects on the essential data you need from your vehicle.  This module can also be used as a gateway to transfer data between two networks as well as record vehicle information and/or send it onto the V-MUX network.

  • Vehicle speed

  • Engine speed

  • Engine throttle position

  • ABS event

  • Seat occupied and belt status

  • Master Optical Warning Switch

  • Park Brake and much more

XP10460        Weldon Seat Sensor

MM9479        Switch Plate


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